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Canines trained by Certified Master Trainer Bill Whitstine have been featured in media such as:

We offer a proactive, quick and discrete bed bug inspection service.

Landlords and Property Managers are becoming more aware, and are sometimes held liable for bed bug infestations.

Our canines can quickly detect bed bugs that may be hidden during visual inspections performed by expensive pest control experts.

Our trainers and their dogs work with Homeowners, Landlords and Property Managers on a confidential basis.

We service Hotels, Inns, Resorts, Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Condos, Homes, Apartments, Colleges, Universities and other locations throughout the Northeast and many locations Nationwide.

Same day service available in NY, NJ, CT, MA and RI.

  1. BulletStep One

    Contact us today before you contact an exterminator, so you can pinpoint the problem, or after an extermination to confirm results.

  2. BulletStep Two

    For a faster, more accurate and less expensive solution, let our trained canines inspect your location for bed bugs. Our canines can even detect nymphs before they turn into a full-blown infestation.

  3. BulletStep Three

    If you are a Landlord, Hotel Manager, Director of Assisted Living or are in charge of municipalities, you can show due diligence in the battle against bed bugs.

  1. BulletStep Four

    If you have a bed bug infestation, we will rid your infestation with our safe and effective heat treatment.

Our Services