Bed Bugs

The Steritech Group, a pest-management company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, claimed that 25% of the 700 hotels they surveyed between 2002 and 2006 needed bed bug treatment. In 2003, a brother and sister staying at a Motel 6 in Chicago were awarded $372,000 in punitive damages after being bitten by bed bugs during their stay. There have been many lawsuits, and many cases are currently pending.

There are several means by which dwellings can become infested with bed bugs. People can often acquire bedbugs at hotels, motels, or bed-and-breakfasts, and bring them back to their homes in their luggage. They also can pick them up by inadvertently bringing infested furniture or used clothing to their household. Bed bugs may also travel between units in multi-unit dwellings, such as condominiums, dormitories and apartment buildings.

Bed Bugs Are
A Growing Problem.

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Meet the Bedbug.

Landlords and Property Managers are becoming more aware - some states are adopting laws that hold them responsible for lack of proper proactive measures.

Homeowners can also bring bed bugs home with them as little souvenirs, and can infest an entire home.

BED BUGS ARE HITCHHIKERS!  Your returning college students, guests or renters may also bring them!!!

Bed bug cases have been on the rise recently across the world. The number of bed bug infestations has risen significantly since the early 21st century. The National Pest Management Association reported a 71% increase in bed bug calls between 2000 and 2005.

Bed bugs and especially their nymphs can be so small that they can be missed during a visual inspection. They are also typically nocturnal.

Also, bed bugs often live inside your mattress, between your walls and under carpets - places that are hard to reach for a visual inspection.

Actual size of adults up to 1/4 inch

Bed Bugs