Bill Whitstine - Certified Master Trainer (CMT)

Bill owns and operates the Florida Canine Academy, which trains bomb, drug, money, weapons, termite, bed bug, mold and accelerant detection canine teams. He also owns and operates a FL-based bed bug detection service.

Five years ago, Bill identified the growing problem of mold in homes and businesses and worked with researchers to further investigate the possibility that dogs could be trained to detect molds. Recently, Bill founded Mold Dog, a subsidiary of the Florida Canine Academy, to train, certify and sell mold-detecting dogs.

Bill has been a leader in the field of canine training since 1989 when he was the first person to attend the Maine State Police Canine Academy in Accelerant Detection. Bill is the author of the only published book on accelerant detection canines and was the founding president of the Canine Accelerant Detection Association as well as the International Termite Detector Dog Association, which are both international organizations. Bill has been featured on over nine shows, including several segments on the Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel.

Our trainers and their dogs have worked directly with Bill Whitstine, and are Certified by the Florida Canine Academy.