Why Canines?

Canines offer greater than 97% accuracy, and have been trained to locate problems such as bed bugs, termites, explosives, drugs, endangered species and mold.

Canines offer a low cost, proven and trusted method. They can generate results within minutes, and with pinpoint accuracy - saving you time and money on your inspection and remediation costs.

Canines are honest and hard workers that are trained for food and love.

Dogs don’t lie.

  1. BulletCanines can detect bed bugs, their eggs and their nymphs, which can be too small or hidden from visual inspections performed by pest control experts.

  2. BulletCanines generate faster and more accurate results, leading to reduced costs for bed bug inspection and remediation.

  3. BulletThe properly trained and Certified detection dog is recognized in court as a "Scientific Instrument" (US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals)

  4. BulletFrom a single drop of urine, the sniffing dog learns to mark an animal’s sex, diet, health, emotional state, and even whether it’s dominant or submissive, friend or foe

  5. BulletTracking dogs follow a biochemical trail of dead skin cells, sweat, odor molecules, and gasses.

  6. BulletFor dogs, a scent article is like a three-dimensional “odor image” - much more detailed than a photograph is for a person.

  7. BulletDogs can track a scent through snow, air, mud, water, and even ash.

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